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The World’s First Animated Reality TV Show for Kids

Want to do something about it?

I AM 4 Kids is a ground breaking TV project created by children’s empowerment expert and author Mark Papadas. It tells real stories of real kids making a difference in their homes, schools, communities and beyond. Each episode is entertaining, educational, and empowering.

“The best way to describe the show is imagine Anthony Robbins meets Charlie Brown.”

Disclaimer: Neither Anthony Robbins nor the estate of Charles Schultz (creator of Charlie Brown and Peanuts) is involved in this project. This is purely a description of the concept of the TV show being developed using two known entities in the public domain.

For the past five years, I AM 4 Kids creator Mark Papadas has been speaking and working with educators to develop curriculum to teach empowerment and emotional intelligence to elementary school kids across the country. From this work, the I AM 4 Kids TV show was born. Each episode is based on a true story of a kid being the embodiment of a different empowering word. Each of the children featured will be invited (with their parents’ approval) to be a recurring I AM 4 Kids character, giving the show direct connections to communities across the country.

The Problem is Getting Worse

There is an emotional intelligence and identity crisis among the children of America. Studies show that over 50% of American school kids have a negative self-image. Common responses from second through fifth graders when asked to complete the statement, “I AM…” are:

  • I AM…fat
  • I AM…stupid
  • I AM…ugly

…and the identity they have as kids, is the identity they will have as adults.

Our Mission for this Campaign

We believe the lack of stimulating kids TV programming and violent video games aimed at kids today are major contributors to this crisis. There is no shortage of researchers, advocates, and bloggers complaining about the state of kids entertainment, but little is actually being done to change it. Our mission is to produce the I AM 4 Kids TV show and video game and prove to the networks that there is a LARGE audience out there demanding this type of quality empowering and educational content for our kids. Once produced, we see the I AM 4 Kids characters doing for empowerment and emotional intelligence what the Muppets did for reading and math.

The Movement has Begun

This campaign is about much more than a TV show – its about a MOVEMENT! A movement to empower our kids to grow into their inherent greatness and resist peer pressure and bullying. In short, they learn to become their own role models.

What Your Funding Supports!

  • Completing production of the pilot episode and version 1.0 of the video game
  • Multi-city release in conjunction with local school districts
  • An aggressive PR strategy
  • Advertising
  • Events to raise awareness
  • Legal counsel

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What Have We Done So Far?

In addition to building the grass roots support among parents and teachers that a project like this needs to succeed, we have built relationships with resources needed to make it happen on a grand scale. For example, we have an agreement with one of the top TV animation studios to produce the pilot and the weekly show  – once it is picked up by a network. Watch the short video below to see who else they work with.

What do Expert Have to Say About I AM 4 Kids?

“Mark Papadas provides a critical roadmap to the development of our country’s most important resources and the next generation of leaders—our children. Additionally, adults who are mapping out their path to success will benefit from the thought-provoking action steps that Mark provides.”

Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.
Co-author, Success Simplified with Stephen Covey
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights Policy,
U.S. Department of Education


“I recommend I AM 4 Kids to every educational organization that is committed to developing strong minds, characters and bodies.”

Randy Lawrence
Board Vice-President, Curriculum Committee Chair
Public School Board of Education Trustee

“A great big THANK YOU to Mark Papadas for taking time to remind all of us the power that kids have within them.”

Dr. Bill Truesdale, Ed. D.
Public Elementary School Principal
N.A.S.S.P. Break-Through School


The World’s First Animated Reality TV Show

I AM 4 Kids is a 30-minute weekly animated TV show for kids 11 and under. It is built on the “Power of Words” and designed to empower kids to live up to their innate greatness starting… TODAY!